Lake Massawippi snapshot

Approximate water volume 729 000 000 m³
Lenght 14,5 km
Width 1,9 km
Lake Area 18,7 km²
Lake Perimeter 38,3 km
Water residence time 1,88 an
Average depth (127,9 pi)
Maximum depth (282 pi)

What is a watershed?

It is a portion of land that receive all the local precipitation, bringing it to a single area. If you imagine a funnel – the Massawipi watershed is a 609 km2 funnel.

The Massawippi watershed profile

Population: approximately 7500
Area: 609 km2 (519 km2 in Québec, 90 km2 in Vermont)
2 MRC: Memphrémagog and Coaticook
10 Municipalities: Parc Régional Massawippi : municipalities bordering the lake : Ayer’s Cliff, Canton-de-Hatley, Hatley, North Hatley, Ste-Catherine-de-Hatley ; Others: Barnston-Ouest, Canton de Stanstead, Compton, Ogden and Stanstead-Est.
3 Towns: Coaticook, Magog and Stanstead
Principal tributary: Tomifobia River
Lake outlet: Massawippi River
Important Rivers: Tomifobia, Niger
Other lakes: Lyster, Petit lac Baldwin


The roadsigns identifying protected areas (the five-meter riparian zone) and the watershed are intended to raise residents’ awareness of the consequences of their actions.

Few people realize when they drive through the Coaticook sector of Barnston, or near the border in Stanstead, that they are in the Lake Massawippi watershed. Every plunge of a backhoe shovel, every drainage installation, every can carelessly discarded anywhere in the watershed may very well have an impact on Lake Massawippi.

Everblue Massawippi reaches out to all passers-by with two types of road signs installed at 30 strategic locations. The first recalls the bylaw prohibiting manicured landscaping within five meters of the shoreline; the second indicates that although nowhere near the lake, the area they are visiting is nevertheless within the watershed of Lake Massawippi.

The signs will be installed in July and August of 2014.