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Action is being taken throughout the Lake Massawippi watershed aimed mainly at reducing the sediment load of the Tomifobia River.

Our Activities In a Nutshell:

Identification and correction of all waterway riparian zones; maintenance of agricultural and municipal ditches; cover crops and fall crops to avoid bare soil; interactive mapping of actions taken and things yet to be done in the field; roadside identification of watershed (September 2014); mini-symposia; standardization of sampling (MDDEP, MRC, MAPAQ, municipalities, Everblue Massawippi); school out-reach (2013-2014).

The project has attracted the interest of the entire water management sector because of its innovative character and concrete results. In June 2013 Everblue Massawippi received a mandate from the IRDA to continue its work. In August 2013 the Parc régional Massawippi reiterated its confidence and became the primary investor for the current year.

All investment partners in 2012: $ 154,000

All investment partners in 2013: $ 149,000