Everblue Massawippi : Your expert on shorelines

Since 1983, Everblue Massawipi has been a proud supporter of the revegetation of shores all along lake Massawippi, its tributaries, and also the municipal and agricultural draining system from the whole watershed.

Everblue Massawippi now offers a service of consultation and management of shoreline reconstruction, as well as farm and municipal drains.

Challenge : Becoming the undeniable reference in matters of erosion prevention in the Massawippi watershed.

Means : Visiting the shoreline residents, evaluation and planning, acquisition of certificates of authorizations and permits, multiple revegetation techniques, support of local residents, municipalities, farmers and inspectors.


VICKY BOUFFARD, biologist, M.Sc.

Vicky Bouffard has 15 years of experience in project management for private enterprises, as a vegetal ecology specialist. She mostly dealt with shoreline management, water ressources, filter marshs, herpetology as well as environmental surveillance of construction sites.

Members may benefit from her services for free, she will be visiting and proposing a variety of solutions to upgrade the shoreline with original and ecological advice.

Shoreline management using soil engineering and endemic plant species is crucial to prevent erosion, and Vicky is a specialist in these domains.

We can also, depending on circumstances, create a shore management plan and/or help manage any shore construction site for a nominal donation to Everblue Massawippi.

Please feel free to send her a message:

NB : Everblue Massawippi does not execute construction work but can supervise it.