Everblue Massawippi has owned two parks since 1996: Lobadanaki Park and Talbot Taylor III Park.
Lobadanaki Park is located in the heart of North Hatley. The land was bequeathed to Everblue Massawippi by an environment-conscious group of citizens to protect the area when the marina closed.

Everblue Massawippi decontaminated the site and then converted it to serve as an example of a correctly managed riparian zone, with trails and interpretive signs.

The site is accessible by road, and the public is admitted without restriction. Swimming is prohibited, however.

The Talbot Taylor wetland park is located in the Municipality of Ste-Catherine-de-Hatley (Lot 1064). Triangular in shape with a depth of approximately 100 feet along the northern edge and 175 feet along the west, the park has 225 feet of frontage on Lake Massawippi. It is accessible only from the lake.

This donation by the Taylor family was made under the express condition that the land be maintained in perpetuity in its natural state. It is, in fact a wonderful reserve for indigenous flora and fauna.

To see where the parks are located, check out our interactive map.