August , meeting at North Hatley;
December : charter issued;

Enrollment for sanitation inspection. (34 lakes);
Analyses of fecal coliforms in 54 points;

Adoption of the Association’s logo;
LMWPA pays a salary of $1200 for the municipal inspector;

First summer student is hired;

Participate in the creation of the FAPEL;

Intervention for the septic sewer hook-up ;
Scuba clean-up of the lake;

Membership renewal problem , salaried employee;

Creation of the first tree planting program along sensitive environmental areas.

Vision statement for the Memphremagog MRC strategic plan.

Boating regulations adopted, creation of the lake patrol and boat purchases ($35,000);

Lake patrol administration and funding;

Purchase and installation of lake 100 meter buoys;

Acquisition of the Lobadanaki and Taylor parks;

Lake patrol transferred to the MRC;
Part time business manager hired;

Initial attemp to reach a concensus concerning the Tomifobia;

LMWPA presents the movie premiere of OCEANS;
First program for shore restauration;

Start of water sampling for the MRC;

Planning and realisation of the SAGE study (exhaustive environmental analysis of the lake)

New program for shore restauration;

Serious outbreaks of cyanobacteria – creating emergency meetings and public interventions;
First benefit concert;

An important publicity campaign launched
Inauguration of Lobadanaki Park information boards.
Brief Urgence D’Agir, Commission on the future of agriculture;

Launching of the Massawipi Journal;
Shore regeneration – 4 employees – 9000 trees planted;

Complete inventory of shorelines, interventions towards municipalities;
Elaboration of a lake code of ethics;

The Massawipi Journal has gone from 12 to 16 pages, publishing 6000 copies, and is distributed in all of the watershed area.
LMWPA presents the movie premiere of OCEANS;

Strategic planning, mission statement revised;
Membership increases from 365 to 575;

Tomifobia round table created;
Kickoff of the Watershed-Filter Tomifobia Massawippi project;
LMWPA becomes Everblue Massawipi
Investing $154,000 with our partners;

Membership reaches 1000!
Investing with our partners near $200,000;