Keep your eyes open!

The shores of Lake Massawippi and its immediate watershed teem with wildlife and plant species. All you have to do is keep your eyes open. You may also have to get up a little earlier to enjoy the deeper quiet and take advantage of the perfect light.

EverBlue Massawippi wants to promote and preserve the wonderful diversity of our ecosystem.

The list of species mentioned here is far from exhaustive, but all call Lake Massawippi and its watershed home, including the remarkable great egret, spotted here for the first time two years ago (not to be confused with the snow goose).

Can you recognize the beautiful bald eagle, the wild strawberry flower, the majestic blue vervain? You will envy the incredible natural flowerbeds of hemp-agrimony no landscaper can hope to imitate!

How about the rose-breasted grosbeak, warbler or the predatory merlin, dropping feathers on our unwitting heads as he feasts on other birds?

Did you know that Canadian maidenhair and the Canada lily are rare and protected?
Take another look and see the lake differently.

Get out your cameras, shutterbugs!

If you find a rare species or take a picture you consider exceptional,

share it with us.

The only criterion is that the photo be taken at the lake or in its immediate watershed.


Catalogued fish species

Small mouth bass
Brown bullhead
Spottail shiner
Northern pike
Golden shiner
Silver redhorse
River redhorse
Greater redhorse
Shorthead redhorse
Lake herring
Rock bass
Eastern sand darter
Blackside darter
Banded killifish
Silvery minnow
Emerald shiner
Sand shiner
White sucker
Longnose sucker
Johnny darter
Atlantic salmon
Lake trout
Rainbow trout
Brown trout
Speckled trout
Bluntnose minnow

Aquatic plants (seagrass)

Wild celery
Chara and Nitella algae
White-stemmed pondweed
Richardson’s pondweed
Clasping pondweed
Curly pondweed
Bushy naiad
Canada waterweed
Variable-leaved pondweed
Nuttall’s waterweed
Illinois pondweed
Broadleaf pondweed
Slender water-milfoil
Floating pondweed