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Everblue Massawippi is a non-profit organization managed by a board of directors made up of up to twelve volunteer members, who meet on average once a month. There are seven subcommittees that deal with different issues.

Founded in 1968, Everblue Massawippi is also known as Lake Massawippi Water Protection Association Inc.


Michel Clairoux, president
Jacques Bernier, vice-president
Louise Roux, treasurer
Yves Gérin, secretary
Paule Obermeir
Josette Gauvin
Roberto Toffoli
Jean-Marie Lefebvre
Thomas Pick
Nicole Doyon

Michèle Gérin, General Manager



Everblue Massawippi’s mission is to preserve the health of Lake Massawippi. As such, it prioritizes the improvement of water quality throughout the watershed. In order to improve the quality of life along the lakeshore, it also concerns itself with its shoreline housing and its visual and sound impacts, and ensures the respectful and safe use of its waterways by sportsmen and pleasure-boaters.

To achieve its mission, Everblue Massawippi bases its actions on the following values: sustaining environmental vigilance, keeping up to date on scientific developments, listening to citizens, communicating popularized and educative information, searching for varied and accessible solutions, presenting the interests of its members, residents and users to public officials, closely following the application of municipal regulations in waterside areas, developing projects in collaboration with local and regional organizations, undertaking concrete improvement projects and finally, developing a long-term vision.


Bleu Everblue Massawippi



Lake Massawippi snapshot

Approximate water volume 729 000 000 m³
Lenght 14,5 km
Width 1,9 km
Lake Area 18,7 km²
Lake Perimeter 38,3 km
Water residence time 1,88 an
Average depth (127,9 pi)
Maximum depth (282 pi)

What is a watershed?

It is a portion of land that receive all the local precipitation, bringing it to a single area. If you imagine a funnel – the Massawipi watershed is a 609 km2 funnel.

The Massawipi watershed profile

Population: approximately 7500
Area: 609 km2 (519 km2 in Québec, 90 km2 in Vermont)
2 MRC: Memphrémagog and Coaticook
10 Municipalities: Parc Régional Massawippi : municipalities bordering the lake : Ayer’s Cliff, Canton-de-Hatley, Hatley, North Hatley, Ste-Catherine-de-Hatley ; Others: Barnston-Ouest, Canton de Stanstead, Compton, Ogden and Stanstead-Est.
3 Towns: Coaticook, Magog and Stanstead
Principal tributary: Tomifobia River
Lake outlet: Massawippi River
Important Rivers: Tomifobia, Niger
Other lakes: Lyster, Petit lac Baldwin

Shoreline regulations

Quick application guide

All controls of vegetation, including grass cutting, slashing, cutting trees and application of fertilizers is prohibited on the edge of the lake on a strip with a minimum depth of 5 meters (16.25 feet) if the slope is less than 30% and 7.5 meters (24.5 feet) if the slope is 30% or more.

When 5 meters or a part of the five meters is occupied by a sandy beach, rock, stone or existing structure, the point of departure of the five meters is calculated from the farthest end of water of this structure or this beach, so that the vegetated part of the bank has a width of 5 meters (16.25 feet).

Exceptions :

  • The lawn maintenance is allowed on a strip of 2 meters (6.5 feet) along the foundations of the existing main building (this exception does not apply to the galleries, balconies nor to sheds and other accessory buildings).
  • A trail with a maximum width of 2.5 meters (8 feet) can be arranged but must be done diagonally within a maximum angle of 60 degrees with the shoreline.

The offender is liable to a fine for each day that the contravention will last.

It is allowed and recommended to perform the planting of shrubs and native plants in the band of 5 meters.

Note : This Regulation was adopted in all municipalities along Lake Massawippi (Massawippi park) and is applicable to all waterfront land of the lake.

For more information : 819-238-4410


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