A quality of life


Though Lake Massawippi may be a drinking water source, for the majority of residents and visitors it is foremost a landscape of exceptional beauty and a source of limitless recreation.

Swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, water-skiing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, boating, wildlife observation, nature photography, sailing, etc.

These activities are not incompatible with one another. They do, however, require a measure of civility in order not to create conflicts.

While respecting and promoting public use of the lake, EverBlue Massawippi is also concerned about factors affecting the quality of life, including:

  • noise
  • deforestation and alteration of landscapes
  • motorboat rules of conduct
  • outbreaks of cyanobacteria which can curtail water activities and swimming
  • respect for the privacy of residents and other users

Excerpt from the Lake Massawippi Charter (Parc régional Massawippi, 2007)

Lake Massawippi is a source of overflowing abundance, both in its beauty and its utility. While many are dependent on the lake for drinking water, all are indebted to it for the quality of life it offers.

In spite of this, Lake Massawippi water quality has deteriorated due to human activity. The acceleration of eutrophication (aging of the water body) and the profusion of invasive aquatic plants and blue-green algae are now very real problems.

Lake Massawippi’s living environment is simply too valuable a resource for us to wash our hands of it! What can be done to prevent the worsening of the health of Lake Massawippi? By personally committing to become a ‘water messenger’ through simple gestures that help protect, restore and enhance Lake Massawippi.


The Library of Knowledge contains a section dedicated to the quality of life

It includes among other things the following :

  • Boaters’ code of conduct
  • Lake Massawippi code of ethics
  • Water regulations

EverBlue Massawippi undertakes to:

bm_page_contact_ramesPromote healthy environmental practices throughout the watershed, and to that end, take concrete action on the ground through a variety of municipal and agricultural community initiatives.

bm_page_contact_ramesPromote a code of conduct for lake users, and to this end, reach out to all users in as many ways as possible, and work with authorities, to ensure an optimal and harmonious quality of life.

Yes, I sign the form and I get involved!

I am personally committed to:

  • Let vegetation grow in the riparian zone on my property over a width of 10 to 15 meters
  • Reforest the banks of my shoreline to create natural filters
  • Stop all application of chemical and natural fertilizers (including compost) and abandon the use of pesticides on the shoreline over a width of at least 10 meters
  • Make sure my septic system functions properly and check if it conforms with regulations on the proper disposal and treatment of waste water for isolated dwellings
    Use phosphate-free soaps and detergents
  • Avoid littering or releasing any liquids into a water body
  • Flush waste water from my boat only at designated places
    Limit my motorboat speed to avoid raising sediment to the water surface and to prevent bank erosion
  • Be active in my residents association
  • Invite those close to me to take concrete action to protect, restore and enhance water bodies